DEF24 Inc.

Provides world-class services in the Cyber and Information Security with the most advanced technological devices and qualified personel.

DEF24 Inc. was established by combining 32 years of experience in network, software, informatics and hardware in the USA, independent of our company operating in Germany, to provide world-class services in the Cyber Security, Information Security, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Training and Consultancy.


To take our brand's place in the list of the best in Turkey and the World to the top with maximum capability by keeping up with the latest technologies developed in informatics.


To identify and explain the possible problems in the IT sector, the causes, and solutions of these problems to the users with Training, Awareness, and Consultancy activities, and to offer up-to-date and best solutions.

Why Us

DEF24 carries out the detection and blocking activities for Cyber Security, Information Security, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures with the most advanced and technological devices.

Human Resources

DEF24 Inc. supports its employees in improving themselves in their fields, increasing their skills, and continuing their social lives with high quality. So it provides opportunities for sectoral training, certificates, and exams. If you want to be a bright member of the DEF24 team, send your CV to

In DEF24, women's employment is prioritized.